Friday, July 5, 2019

Department of Zoology


Department of Zoology UG Section was established in the year 1984 and the M.Sc Zoology course was added in the academic year 2003-04 and stopped admissions from 2011-12. It is one of the unique departments since the inception of the college flourished day by day and now the department has two laboratories, Well-maintained museum and class rooms.
Learning Resources of the Department 
*      Well equipped laboratories
*       Systems with Internet Facility
*       Departmental Library
*       Research Journals
*       Bio – Visual Charts
*       Power Point Presentations (CD’s)
*       Transparencies
*       CSIR-NET Material
*       Question Banks
*       Press clippings
*       Museum specimens
*       Models
*       Slides
*       Aquarium
*       Fish pond
Modern Teaching methods used in teaching – learning
q        Study Projects                                                                                                                
q    Group Discussions
q   Field trips
q   Classroom seminars
q   Book Reviews
q   Demonstrations
q   Question – Answer sessions
q  Use of OHP
q  Use of LCD Projector
q   Power point presentation
q   Remedial classes
q   Quiz
q   You tube pictures
q   Lecture Method
q   Models
q   Science Exhibition
Participation of teachers in academic & Personal Counseling of students
q  Mentoring system
q   Ward Counseling  
    q   Personal Counseling     
        Providing Study material
        Providing Question Banks
        Updating knowledge of students by providing journals, 
        magazines, etc
        Conducting extra classes
       Organizing study hours
   Career Development
       Providing Information regarding Higher Courses
      Job Opportunities
 Innovative  Practices  of the department.              
 Model Preparations with thermocol, Plastic clay, On             Chalks,  With  Sand and other material
  •      Collection of bird Nests
  •      Collection of Different Types of Butter flies
  •            Collection of  Molluscan shells
  •      Collection of Fish Scales
  •           Play cards Preparation
  •      Project Writing
  Future plans of the department.
        To equip laboratory with modern facilities to carry 
        out research work
      To establish linkage with industries & aqua Labs 
         to employment
     To organize more extensive activities for the welfare 
        of the society
     To publish research articles
     To undertake  minor/Major research projects
     Workshop for Non Teaching in Instrument Maintenance 
      and chemical preparations
participation of students and faculty in extension activities.
   Create awareness regarding
  •  Faculty contribute their services to CSM High school, Z.P. Boys Schoo & Z. P. Girls High school, C.S.M. School  ( VI to X) students by demonstrating the Experiments, Open the Museum to all
  • ·         Analysis of drinking water in Balireddypalem
  • ·         Vermiculture Awareness programme
  • ·         Spirulina culture Awareness programme
  • ·         Determination of blood pressure levels
  •       Blood Grouping to staff & Students
  • ·         AIDS Awareness programme
  • ·         Health and hygiene
  • ·         Eradicating child Labour
  • ·         Female infanticide
  • ·         NSS
  • ·         Sports
  • ·         Environment Awareness Compaign